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Productive Hibernation February 1, 2010

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I mentioned in my last post that we rarely get snow in the Nashville area. Here I am again talking about the snow. We got much, much more this time, only 3 weeks since the last snow. I love the snow, but I can honestly say that I only want to see it once a year, then I’m ready for it to go away until next year. It’s true that we don’t know how to drive in it, but it’s also true that the local government is not prepared for it with plows and salt trucks, especially for more than just a dusting.


I’ve been at home since I got home Thursday afternoon. I did leave once on Saturday with my dad in his 4×4 to scope out the roads. It took us 45 minutes to make the 5 mile round trip to one of the local gas stations, and my place of work is 17 miles from home. Needless to say, I had no interest in driving until the roads were all clear. I got up this morning, anticipating going into work, until the news reported ice and numerous accidents in the area where I would have to drive to work.


Here’s a few pictures of the beautiful snow that I now have a love/hate relationship with. (If you click on them, you’ll be directed to the photo on my Flickr page.)


One of the country roads a few miles from my house on the way into town.

One of the country roads a few miles from my house on the way into town.


For the first time in a very long time, we had enough snow to go sledding!

For the first time in a very long time, we had enough snow to go sledding!



However, all of this hibernation wasn’t in vain. My mom and I both got a lot of sewing done, including two baby quilts that I completed. I can’t show you pictures of the completed quilts just yet, because I want the recipients to be the first to see them, but here’s a sneak peek until then.


Baby Boy Quilt

Baby Boy Quilt Sneak Peek


Baby Girl Quit Sneak Peek

Baby Girl Quilt


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3 Responses to “Productive Hibernation”

  1. Mandy Says:

    We had a lot of snow here in Chattanooga, too! I absolutely love it, though! Not to get out in it like you did, but to watch it from my window and be able to stay in for days on end and not feel guilty=) I think today was the first time I went anywhere since Thursday, too. SO sad this wonderful weekend is over!

    • frogdiva Says:

      I like one snow a year, preferably on days that I am not expected to be at work. This one went over a couple of days into when I was expected to be at work, so the guilt started setting in, and it was no longer fun.

      It was a beautiful weekend and indeed sad to see it go.

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