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Funky Frog Hop Quilt February 26, 2010

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I posted a sneak peek picture of this quilt a few weeks ago in my entry Productive Hibernation. The quilt is a gift for a friend who had a baby at the end of December. I didn’t want to write about it until I gave her the quilt, so the surprise wouldn’t be ruined.


Tristan’s quilt is a very simple block design, but so far it’s been my favorite design. I like the large blocks for a baby quilt, and of course the frogs are a favorite of mine. So far I’ve made two baby girl quilts, so this was my first baby boy quilt. It seems that all of my friends are having girls lately. Originally I had planned to make each baby quilt slightly different, but I enjoyed making this design so much that I think I’m going to stick with it for the others that I make in the future (with the exception of one baby quilt that I haven’t written about yet because I haven’t given it away yet. I’ll post about it as soon as she’s received it).


The one unique feature of this quilt’s design is that it is the ONLY quilting project that I have actually hand stitched the binding. My mom convinced me that hand stitching the binding is the proper way to stitch binding and made me believe that it should be the ONLY way to stitch binding. I found out really quickly that it might be the way she and her friends stitch binding, but it’s not going to be the way that I stitch binding. It took me about 4 hours to stitch the binding, which is about 4 times as long as it took me to piece the quilt. You can see a close up of the binding in the last picture. Thus, Tristan will have what is most likely the only quilting project of mine that had hand stitched binding.


How about I show you the pictures now? Oh, and I forgot to take pictures of the Signature Block on the back I’ll hopefully get one later, as well as pictures of the baby on the quilt.


The quilting process

The quilting process. The gripper gloves really do help!


Funky Frog Hop Quilt

Funky Frog Hop Quilt


A close up of the name embroidery work that my mom did for me.

A close up of the name embroidery work that my mom did for me.



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Organized Workspace February 3, 2010

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As the final project of my long weekend and something LONG overdue, I organized.


Most of my projects were semi-organized…in plastic grocery bags or various other bags that I picked up along the way. My system obviously wasn’t the most sophisticated, but at least I kept each project together with the other contents. The only problem was that I would have to look in each bag to find the project I was looking for. I kept all of the bags in this huge nylon car trunk organizer (not pictured) that I found last year at Wal Mart. It worked very well for keeping all of my projects together, but I purchased the organizer for my trunk and was unable to find another one to actually keep in my trunk.


My mom talked about organizing her projects in plastics containers, and being a fan of plastic containers, I thought it was a good idea for myself, as well. It sure beat my current organization plan of bags in bags and sometimes in more bags. Besides, my desk was getting fairly cluttered, too.


Before Organization

BEFORE - I don't normally have everything piled up like this, but I wanted to show everything that I was organizing and putting away for the After pictures. Most of the bulk is fabric for different projects.


After Organization

AFTER - Everything from the Before pictures is put away. Most of the bulk was fabric, which I organized by project in the plastic containers under the work table.


It only took me an hour to organize everything, and I must say that I am quite proud of myself. I lean a bit toward the hoarding side in life, as I am seeing by watching Hoarders the past couple of months, though luckily not nearly as bad as most of the people on that show. However, one thing I have learned is that pretty much any hobby can make a normal person lean toward being a hoarder. Now I just need to organize everything else in my life like this!


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Productive Hibernation February 1, 2010

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I mentioned in my last post that we rarely get snow in the Nashville area. Here I am again talking about the snow. We got much, much more this time, only 3 weeks since the last snow. I love the snow, but I can honestly say that I only want to see it once a year, then I’m ready for it to go away until next year. It’s true that we don’t know how to drive in it, but it’s also true that the local government is not prepared for it with plows and salt trucks, especially for more than just a dusting.


I’ve been at home since I got home Thursday afternoon. I did leave once on Saturday with my dad in his 4×4 to scope out the roads. It took us 45 minutes to make the 5 mile round trip to one of the local gas stations, and my place of work is 17 miles from home. Needless to say, I had no interest in driving until the roads were all clear. I got up this morning, anticipating going into work, until the news reported ice and numerous accidents in the area where I would have to drive to work.


Here’s a few pictures of the beautiful snow that I now have a love/hate relationship with. (If you click on them, you’ll be directed to the photo on my Flickr page.)


One of the country roads a few miles from my house on the way into town.

One of the country roads a few miles from my house on the way into town.


For the first time in a very long time, we had enough snow to go sledding!

For the first time in a very long time, we had enough snow to go sledding!



However, all of this hibernation wasn’t in vain. My mom and I both got a lot of sewing done, including two baby quilts that I completed. I can’t show you pictures of the completed quilts just yet, because I want the recipients to be the first to see them, but here’s a sneak peek until then.


Baby Boy Quilt

Baby Boy Quilt Sneak Peek


Baby Girl Quit Sneak Peek

Baby Girl Quilt


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Weight Watchers 0 Point Cabbage Soup January 9, 2010

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I used to make this recipe frequently a few years ago and decided that today would be a great day to make it again. It’s a super easy recipe that is healthy, too.  The recipe is also easy to add or alter. FYI, the picture below has lean ground beef added that no longer makes it 0 Points, but it’s still very healthy.


Cabbage Soup Picture

Weight Watchers Cabbage Soup (with lean ground beef added)


Weight Watchers 0 Point Cabbage Soup


  • 3 cups nonfat beef broth or nonfat vegetable broth or nonfat chicken broth (beef is the best)
  • garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 tablespoon tomato paste
  • 2 cups chopped cabbage
  • 1/2 yellow onion
  • 1/2 cup chopped carrot
  • 1/2 cup green beans
  • 1/2 cup chopped zucchini
  • 1/2 teaspoon basil
  • 1/2 teaspoon oregano
  • salt & pepper



  1. Spray pot with non stick cooking spray saute onions, carrots and garlic for 5 minutes.
  2. Add broth, tomato paste, cabbage, green beans, basil, oregano and salt & pepper to taste.
  3. Simmer for a about 5-10 minutes until all vegetables are tender.
  4. Add the zuccini and simmer for another 5 or so minutes.



  1. I have added yellow squash and lean ground beef (adds calories/points, but still overall healthy).  I buy as many fresh vegetables as I can for the best nutrients.
  2. Make larger quantities of it and freeze it in individual freezer bags/containers to thaw and eat on cold nights that you don’t want to cook.
  3. If you can find No Salt Added Broth, it’s even healthier.


Recipe Found at RecipeZaar


Brrrr! It’s cold! Middle Tennessee usually only gets snow MAYBE once a year. It’s true that we don’t know how to handle it, but that’s part of the charm of the area. If you don’t like it, then move back North or wherever else you call Home. I went out today, and this is what it looks like near my house. Luckily just a few miles away the roads were mostly clear. I’m thankful I don’t have to deal with this on a regular basis, however it’s really pretty when it lasts.


Middle Tennessee 2010 Snow Day

Middle Tennessee 2010 Snow Day


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Funky Frogs Quilt As You Go Update December 31, 2009

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I have an update to add regarding a previous blog entry! Back in August, I wrote about a Quilt-As-You-Go quilt that I had made for a friend who was having a baby. I now have pictures of the baby and her new quilt. The outfit she is wearing is adorable…and matches the quilt! 🙂


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Yeah I’ll get right on that December 20, 2009

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Lately it’s like this for me.


Market Basket October 25, 2009

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Maybe it was a mistake in naming this blog Adventures in Quilting because lately it seems that I’ve been posting less about quilting and more about other crafts and hobbies….and here I go again.


Recently I made my second First Basket. I say it was the second one because a few years ago I had participated in making a Longaberger basket, but really I just helped the Longaberger basket maker…or mostly got in his way. This time I did more of the making of the basket with a little bit of help from my mom and the teacher.


IMG_0167 IMG_0169


The basket I made is called a Market Basket, and Donna Christian was the teacher. Donna has become a friend of the family in the past year, and offers several other classes in other hobbies like quilting, crocheting, sewing and pretty much anything else if you ask nicely and enough other people are interested in making it a class. Yes, that’s a shameless plug for her! She doesn’t have her own website, but if you live in the Nashville area and interested in her contact information, let me know.


IMG_0174 IMG_0177


One thing that I discovered early on in making my basket is that there is probably an amnesia involved in the process. The first part of making the basket It was complicated, and I can best compare it to trying to dress a siamese twin octopus (because this basket had 15 reed pieces). I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for my mom and Donna’s help, I probably would have given up.


IMG_0181 IMG_0182


But once a few rows are weaved in, and the basket starts taking shape, the process does become easier and more fun. I just need to get better at remembering to push down the rows and pull the reeds tighter so that it fits together better.


IMG_0189 IMG_0194


When I was done, we dipped the basket in tea mixed with ammonia (oooh, stinky!) to tea dye the basket instead of brushing on a stain. The next day, we dipped it one more time to make it slightly darker. I really like the darker, more subdued color than the bright unstained color. It’s definitely more warm!




While the first part, I’m going to make 2 more baskets before I decide if I like making them or not. I didn’t really like sewing the first few times, but I did grow to like it a little more each time. And thus, I tried out another hobby! 🙂


I included just a few pictures from the basket making process in this post. To see all the pictures taken, go to My Flickr link for the complete set.


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