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Professor Sprout Costume September 11, 2009

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Another non-quilting sewing project that I have put together is a Professor Sprout costume from the Harry Potter movies. Professor Sprout is the Herbology professor and Head of House for Huffle Puff. I made the costume for the Dragon*Con convention that I attended Labor Day weekend. This is the first time I have attended the convention, but I was so excited to go, and I wanted to be one of the many participating in wearing a costume.


I had lots of help from my mom and friend, Linda. Since I am new to sewing and never sewn a costume or clothing, I couldn’t have done it without them.


I didn’t make the hat, but I added the ivy to it, and I’m wearing a curly, gray wig, but everything else was sewn. I got very lucky on the fabric by  finding it on Clearance at JoAnn for $2 a yard on the dark and $5 a yard on the light. If you look closely on the light fabric, there’s vines and leaves embroidered onto the fabric, which fits with the character so well! The dark fabric is thick, but it lays just perfect and doesn’t want to wrinkle easily. Oh, and credit goes to my dad for the boots!


My boyfriend, David, took pictures before Dragon*Con at Centennial Park in Nashville.  These were my favorites from the ones he took that day.



I met up with some other people at in Harry Potter costumes through and attended a photo session with them at Dragon*Con. Here are just a few favorites of the pictures David took there.



At Dragon*Con, I met an awesomely dressed Dumbledore that I wish I had gotten my picture taken with. I also should have gotten the names and contact information of some of the other costumers, but it was my first Con experience, and I guess I was just overwhelmed with everything going on….and the 35,000+ people there. One thing is for sure, I have been bitten by the costume bug.