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Las Vegas has Quilt Shops? April 25, 2010

I started this blog almost a year ago after visitng Las Vegas for the first time and discovering all of the really cool quilt shops in the Las Vegas area. Yes, I went to Las Vegas and was more excited about visiting new-to-me quilt shops than I was excited about gambling! At the time most everyone found this to be odd and amusing, but it seemed natural to me to want to visit the shops since I was a new to sewing.


I returned for my second trip to Las Vegas last week for vacation and visited the same 5 shops again. I won’t post about each shop again since I made separate posts for each one last year, but I will link to those posts at the bottom and provide a summary of my recent trip in this single post.


It can really all be summed up with a single picture of all of the goodies I purchased while in Las Vegas. I wish I had taken a picture like this last year, too!


Las Vegas Quilt Shop Goodies


As you can see, I mostly bought small quantities of lots of different fabrics. I bought supplies to make a few more tote bags like the one in the previous post, Funk Frogs Tote Bag. I also picked up two patterns. The first is the Wonder Wallet pattern from a designer whose blog I have been following, Lazy Girl Designs. The second is a pattern to make several small bags called Snap Happy, created by Three Sisters Fabric. The awesome thing about the Snap Happy pattern is that the Christmas Goose Quilt Shop had several kits already made up of the supplies needed to make a Snap Happy bag, so I bought a kit to make myself and my mom a bag.


Here are the reviews that I posted last year of each of the shops that I visited, along with a short, updated review of my latest experience with each shop:


Quiltique – The ambiance of this store is my favorite among the shops. It’s very open, they have the fabric organized well into different styles and colors. I love that they have fat quarters available for almost all of the fabrics that they sell. Their best deals are with the Chunky Hunks, where they package up the last 3 yards of a bolt and sell it at a discounted price. At this shop I purchased fabric to make another tote bag, mostly with discounted chunky hunks and fat quarters.


Fiddlesticks – This is a small shop packed with lots of character. The shop staff on my visit this year and last year are very personal and helpful. It’s like shopping with your favorite aunt! I purchased the Lazy Girl Designs Wonder Wallet pattern and some patriotic fat quarters for my mom. The ladies in the shop were also very helpful in offering to find another Lazy Girl Designs pattern that I have been looking for (the Couch Caddy, which I still haven’t been able to find in any shops, but I’ll probably eventually buy online. I just wish Joan sold it directly on her website).


Fabric Boutique – This is the shop that is known for selling an excluse Las Vegas fabric that I purchased to make a Las Vegas tote bag for my next trip to the city. I also purchased some other Last Vegas-style fabric like dice and four-leaf clovers. Fabric Boutique also offers several different panels in all sorts of styles that are great for people new to sewing and quilting.


Christmas Goose – The best thing that I like about Christmas Goose is the kits they offer. This is where I purchased the Snap Happy pattern and kit. Last year I had bought a similar kit to make Retro Dish Towels. I love the small kits like this and can’t wait to see if they have something new next year.


Nancy’s Quilt Shop – If you’re one who collects lots of small pieces of fabric, Nancy’s is the place to go. I added several sets of Chubby Eighths to my collection in all sorts of colors. They sell these pieces at a deep discount. Their patterns and magazines are also always 30% off.


Visiting the shops helped to increase my motivation to do more sewing in my spare time. I just need to find the spare time now 🙂


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Dutch Treat August 28, 2009

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I completed this charming Dutch Treat back in July to give to my boyfriend’s mother, Judy. The project was made from a kit that I purchased at Fiddlesticks in Boulder City, Nevada back in April. It was a small project but the first one that I have completed where I did the binding the “correct way,” (meaning that I didn’t fold over the backing then bind on the front), and I did it without any help, so who knows if it was really done correctly!


I should have recorded the dimensions, but it was a relatively small project that Judy is using as kitchen table centerpiee and just happens to match PERFECTLY with a salad bowl that my boyfriend, David, gave her awhile back.


The front and back pictures of the Dutch Treat. I wish I had taken pictures of the salad bowl with it!


The sample that the professionals had at the Fiddlesticks Quilt Shop:



I think I did a decent job for a beginner. The kit was slightly different in that the binding was done with the green fabric instead of the yellow floral. The instructions were a bit different than the sample in a couple of places, so I did a combination of picture and instructions. I’d like to make more with this pattern…someday 🙂



Judy sent me pictures of the centerpiece and salad bowl set that David had given her. I still can’t believe how perfectly they match!



Fiddlesticks Quilt Shop May 3, 2009

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Fiddlesticks was the final stop of my Las Vegas quilt shop visits, and the farthest from The Strip. Fiddlesticks is in quaint Boulder City near Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. The ladies in the shop are some of the nicest women you’ll ever meet in quilting and very helpful for a new person like myself. The “I Love Puppy Dogs” quilt in the front window was designed by a local artist, and for sale in the shop….as well as an addition to my collection of projects that I will be working on soon. 




“I Love Puppy Dogs” Quilt by Heartstring Treasures:
100_1527 100_1526
Heartstring Treasures
1400 Colorado St. #C
Boulder City, NV 89005
(702) 294-4920


Snap Sack Kits:
100_1519 100_1524




Sample Quilts:




Around the store:
100_1523 100_1522 100_1520



Fiddlesticks Quilts
1229 Arizona Street
Boulder City, NV 89005
(702) 293-2979