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Funky Frog Hop Quilt February 26, 2010

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I posted a sneak peek picture of this quilt a few weeks ago in my entry Productive Hibernation. The quilt is a gift for a friend who had a baby at the end of December. I didn’t want to write about it until I gave her the quilt, so the surprise wouldn’t be ruined.


Tristan’s quilt is a very simple block design, but so far it’s been my favorite design. I like the large blocks for a baby quilt, and of course the frogs are a favorite of mine. So far I’ve made two baby girl quilts, so this was my first baby boy quilt. It seems that all of my friends are having girls lately. Originally I had planned to make each baby quilt slightly different, but I enjoyed making this design so much that I think I’m going to stick with it for the others that I make in the future (with the exception of one baby quilt that I haven’t written about yet because I haven’t given it away yet. I’ll post about it as soon as she’s received it).


The one unique feature of this quilt’s design is that it is the ONLY quilting project that I have actually hand stitched the binding. My mom convinced me that hand stitching the binding is the proper way to stitch binding and made me believe that it should be the ONLY way to stitch binding. I found out really quickly that it might be the way she and her friends stitch binding, but it’s not going to be the way that I stitch binding. It took me about 4 hours to stitch the binding, which is about 4 times as long as it took me to piece the quilt. You can see a close up of the binding in the last picture. Thus, Tristan will have what is most likely the only quilting project of mine that had hand stitched binding.


How about I show you the pictures now? Oh, and I forgot to take pictures of the Signature Block on the back I’ll hopefully get one later, as well as pictures of the baby on the quilt.


The quilting process

The quilting process. The gripper gloves really do help!


Funky Frog Hop Quilt

Funky Frog Hop Quilt


A close up of the name embroidery work that my mom did for me.

A close up of the name embroidery work that my mom did for me.



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Funky Frogs Quilt As You Go Update December 31, 2009

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I have an update to add regarding a previous blog entry! Back in August, I wrote about a Quilt-As-You-Go quilt that I had made for a friend who was having a baby. I now have pictures of the baby and her new quilt. The outfit she is wearing is adorable…and matches the quilt! 🙂


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Retro Dish Towels August 29, 2009

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This is the first post that doesn’t quite involve quilting, but because of my interest in learning to quilt, I have branched out a bit and made this adventure of mine more about sewing and not just quilting. I have a few other non-quilting posts in progress, as well.

I picked up these kits at The Christmas Goose Quilt Shop in Las Vegas when I was there in April. They were at the checkout counter and so hard to resist for just $5 with their bright and inviting colors. I found out after my purchase that they’re Mary Engelbreit prints, so that explains my attraction to them since I love the colors and designs that Mary creates.

I bought one to make for my mom and one to make for myself, but now that I have the pattern, I plan to make several more. They were fairly easy to make, but I learned from a few of my mistakes in the two that I made. I have never sewn with rickrack, and I needed to do a better job tucking in the ends so they don’t ravel.

But I suppose that’s what learning to sew is all about…learning from your mistakes and making the next one even better. By the way, this is the first sewing project that I have completed that I have kept for myself. I have a few other projects of my own that I am working on, but so far I’ve given away all of my completed projects.  I hope to find the time to make more of these as gifts.

My mom’s is the one on the right and mine is on the left:

The sample towel in The Christmas Goose Quilt Shop. I wish I had taken a picture of the kits before I put them together.


Funky Frogs Quilt As You Go Quilt

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This project was a Quilt-As-You-Go that I got as an idea at Fabric Boutique. The idea is to use strips from a jelly roll, along with spray adhesive (the kind that washes out and is safe on fabrics…can be found in most fabric or quilt shops), your batting and binding, then sew it all together one strip at a time.

I couldn’t buy the kit while I was in Las Vegas in April because I couldn’t bring the spray adhesive on the plane with me, and that’s just too much to carry on a plane, anyway (as it is, I came back with 53 pounds of luggage from Vegas, thanks to all the quilt shop hops I did!). So I kept the idea in my head and did it my own way. It’s not technically made from a Jelly Roll set, but I did cut the strips as in jelly roll fashion.

The concept of Quilt-As-You-Go is an awesome method for me in making these baby quilts for friends because they can be made in much less time, because I’m sewing about half as much. It’s also easier because the quilts are smaller than most. I’m still not fast enough to make a quilt in a day, but this method sure lessened the work, which made it go by much faster. While I’m trying to make each of the baby quilts slightly different, I will probably use a similar method on the next baby quilt that I make.

I made this for a friend’s baby shower for her baby due in September, Abbi Grace.

The sample picture from Fabric Boutique:

If you are interested in the kit above, Fabric Boutique sells the complete kit on their website. Just look under kits, and it’s the third one down (as of 8/29/09).



Dutch Treat August 28, 2009

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I completed this charming Dutch Treat back in July to give to my boyfriend’s mother, Judy. The project was made from a kit that I purchased at Fiddlesticks in Boulder City, Nevada back in April. It was a small project but the first one that I have completed where I did the binding the “correct way,” (meaning that I didn’t fold over the backing then bind on the front), and I did it without any help, so who knows if it was really done correctly!


I should have recorded the dimensions, but it was a relatively small project that Judy is using as kitchen table centerpiee and just happens to match PERFECTLY with a salad bowl that my boyfriend, David, gave her awhile back.


The front and back pictures of the Dutch Treat. I wish I had taken pictures of the salad bowl with it!


The sample that the professionals had at the Fiddlesticks Quilt Shop:



I think I did a decent job for a beginner. The kit was slightly different in that the binding was done with the green fabric instead of the yellow floral. The instructions were a bit different than the sample in a couple of places, so I did a combination of picture and instructions. I’d like to make more with this pattern…someday 🙂



Judy sent me pictures of the centerpiece and salad bowl set that David had given her. I still can’t believe how perfectly they match!



Funky Frogs 9 Patch Quilt May 10, 2009

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This is a small quilt that I made to celebrate the adoption of a friend’s baby. It’s a basic 9 patch that I pieced together on my own with my own touch and variation.

This is the second quilt I started but the first quilt I completed….and gave away 🙂

The quilt was a gift to friends who had just finalized the adoption with their 7-month old daughter. I also made a pillow case for a travel-sized pillow to go with the quilt.

Completion Date: 3/30/09

9 Patch Funky Frogs Quilt 9 Patch Funky Frogs Quilt 9 Patch Funky Frogs Quilt

To see pictures from the beginning of the project through completion, visit the Flickr Set for the quilt.