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Quilting Retreat Weekend II September 19, 2010

Happy Campers


I spent the past weekend at a cabin at Center Hill Lake with my mom and her five girl friends (known as the MRS’…My Rowdy Sisters) for the second time (the first being a year ago August). The weekend was time to work on quilting for most of us, and a couple of others worked on other crafts and reading. This blog hasn’t been updated since April, which is the last time I did any sewing. Yikes! Life has just been rather busy lately, and I haven’t really had good working space.


So what did I do this weekend? Well, I wish I could say that I completed one full project, but the truth is that I partially finished 3 different projects.


I made the top parts of two I Spy quilts for friend’s babies, but I still need to add the borders and quilt it.
I Spy for Boys I Spy for Girls


Then I did most of the quilting on a panel throw that I started for my mom last year and never finished. She’s going to have to finish the rest of it because my sewing machine arm just isn’t long enough to quilt around the design.
Red White and Blue panel throw


Finally, I finished the final 5 Maple Leaf blocks, also another quilt that I had started last year. I was so hoping to get this quilt finished soon, but I just now looked at the setting kit for it, and it involves piecing 26 MORE maple leaf blocks in a smaller size. At this rate, I feel like I will never get this quilt done, though I’m sure when it’s complete it will be beautiful and well worth the work.
Maple Leaf Blocks


We’re already planning another weekend in March and hopefully again in September. I get so much done when we go, even though this year I feel like I didn’t get much accomplished only because I didn’t finish any one project to completion. Maybe all this motivation will stay awhile, and I’ll get even more done soon.